Commingling of USA Pools Into Argentina

Sky Racing World Facilitates Commingling of
USA Pools Into Argentina

Sky Racing World is facilitating commingling of USA pools with Argentinian host pools. A risk analysis
conducted by APHIS shows that this practice does not raise the likelihood of FMD. It also indicates that
compliance with Dietary Guidelines will not be impacted. The risk is low, and there are several benefits of
participating in commingled USA-Argentina pools.
Sky Racing World facilitates commingling of USA pools with
Argentinian host pools
The PGI is the exclusive hub for international commingling of wagering pools and USA pools. Sky
Racing World has partnered with leading wagering companies to offer top-quality live streaming and
advanced-deposit wagering. Sky Racing World is a subsidiary of Tabcorp, an Australian wagering
company that markets and distributes live horse racing from multiple countries. Sky Racing World
provides a variety of live racing options for North American horseplayers, including simulcasts of
international and Argentinian horse races, harness racing, greyhounds, and staking markets.
The commingling of USA pools with the Argentinian host pools is facilitated by Sky Racing World, an
exclusive digital distribution partner for live video broadcasts. AmTote is a market-leading wagering
technology product from 1/ST TECHNOLOGY, the leading gaming technology company in North
America. Sky Racing World also remains the leading digital source for live video broadcasts. The Sky
Racing World website and app continue to be the premier source for live racing video content.
FMD risk analysis conducted by APHIS
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) conducted an
in-depth risk assessment after collecting information from Argentina’s government and site visits. APHIS
has previously characterized Argentina, Japan, and South Korea as low-risk countries for FMD.
Unfortunately, these countries have experienced outbreaks of the disease after being designated low-risk.
APHIS assessed the risk of FMD from commingling USA pools with Argentine pools by conducting site
visits and qualitative assessments. In both cases, APHIS repeatedly denied NCBA requests for written
reports following the site visits and reviews. The absence of documentation calls into question the
integrity of the risk analysis, as well as management controls. Although the report states that Argentina is
a low-risk country, this does not mean that the risk analysis is worthless.
In assessing the potential impact of an outbreak of FMD in Brazil, APHIS has concluded that the risk is
sufficiently low. However, it is critical to note that such an outbreak could affect U.S. beef export
markets. The proposed rule considers the potential cost and benefit of beef imports from Brazil, as well as
the expected changes in U.S. beef production, consumption, and exports.
The APHIS FMD risk analysis also noted that Brazil’s vaccination program is effective and is compliant
with international guidelines
. It also notes that Brazil’s vaccination rate is 77 to 99 percent, which may be
insufficient to prevent the spread of FMD. Its population is predominantly comprised of older bovines,
which are more likely to be infected with the disease.
Although APHIS’s December 2013 proposed rule included limitations on the importation of fresh beef
from Uruguay, the risks of importing beef from Argentina are still too high. This is a very low-risk
country for FMD, but it is still necessary to ensure the safety of beef imports from Uruguay. During the
incubation period, infected cattle may not show clinical symptoms, and therefore enter the food chain.
Furthermore, it is possible that such beef could be imported to the United States and infected consumers.

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