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If your phone is missing, you may be wondering if there is an app that will help you find it. There are several such apps, but only a few work well. Here are some of them: Google Maps, Dropbox, Life360 Family Locator, and Google’s own app. These apps can help you keep track of your phone even when you don’t have it nearby. Read on for more information. We’ve included reviews of each so you can make an informed decision.

Google Maps

If you want to find my android phone, you can use Google Maps to track it. In order to use Google Maps to find another phone, you first have to allow location sharing on the phone you’re trying to track. It’s important to remember that sharing a location with other people requires their consent. Once the location sharing has been enabled, Google will send you regular notifications via email or phone. However, if you’d rather not receive these notifications, you can always un-share it.

Another helpful feature of the app is the Timeline feature. This feature is not just for finding lost phones, but it can be used for many other purposes. For example, you can look up the last time you travelled, or use it to find lost phones. If your Android device’s battery is dead, you can still track it down using its location history. This feature also shows you all the recorded locations on a map, allowing you to track it down even if it’s turned off.


If you’ve ever lost your Android device, you know that a few things can make it impossible to track it down without the help of an app. Dropbox is one of these apps. It can be used to help you find it, track it down, and even get a picture of the thief. To get the most out of it, you’ll need a camera and access to the internet. If you’re not sure how to root your device, here are some tips to help you track down your phone.

First, download and install Dropbox on your device. Install the Dropbox app. This will require you to be logged in to your Dropbox account, or sign up if you’re a new user. To install the Dropbox app, find the menu icon on the top right of the screen. Tap on this menu, which is represented by three horizontal lines, and then tap the option that says “add folder.” After that, tap on the “Add folder” button.

Life360 Family Locator

There are numerous benefits of the Life360 Family Locator for Android phone. In the first place, you can track your children wherever they go. You can also get updates on where they are, which makes your mind at ease. In addition, you can also monitor your children remotely with the help of the app. For instance, if your child is playing with his or her friends, you can track his or her location through the app.

Another perk of this app is that it is available on multiple phones. Every registered member of a family can have a unique icon in the app. The app works on both Android phones and iPhones, so you can track whoever needs to be contacted. Life360 also eliminates the need to send multiple texts to coordinate family events. It also alerts you if your family members are running late and checks in. Unlike most other apps, this one uses state-of-the-art GPS location technology to locate your family members.

Google’s native app

Google’s native app for Android phones and tablets has a feature called Find My Phone that lets you locate your lost phone or tablet. You can locate your phone within a certain radius. It will also ring the phone, wipe it and show a message to whoever has it. You can also lock or wipe it to prevent it from being accessed by others. The app is free to use and works on most Android phones.

To find your lost device, first log into your Google account, and then go to the “Find My Device” page. You’ll notice three buttons: Play Sound, Erase Device, and Lock. Selecting one of these options will ring the device for five minutes. Note that if the device is on silent or vibrate, it won’t ring. If the device is on, tap the power button to turn off the sound and the message.

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