Looking For a Chinese Restaurant Near Me?

Looking For a Chinese Restaurant Near Me?

If you’re wondering about a chinese restaurant near me, you can consider one of the following. They’re all reasonably priced and make some of the best dishes in town. They’re also great for families. Try their Pork-and-Chives Dumplings for a low-cost meal.

Xi’an chinese restaurant

If you’re looking for a Chinese restaurant near me, you might be surprised to discover that there are a number of excellent options. You can find everything from dim sum and burgers to traditional Chinese entrees at a variety of upscale venues. And in some cases, you can even enjoy vegetarian fare.

Xi’an Famous Foods is a particularly unique establishment. The food here is from the ancient capital of China, so the owner’s family moved to NYC to open a restaurant. His father opened the first location in 2005 and wanted to replicate the flavors of his native city. He decided to create a menu that would showcase the best of this cuisine, which he called “hot/sour.” Xi’an Famous Foods serves a range of dishes, including liangpi and suan la, with a sour/sweet flavor profile.

Hometown Lu Fen

Chinese food in New York City often means lo mein and sesame noodles, but you can get a completely different experience at Hometown Lu Fen, a noodle soup that combines savory beef and char siu pork with soft tofu. The broth is spicy and infused with fragrant spices, which pairs well with the soup’s noodle ingredients. Hometown Lu Fen also features other traditional Chinese dishes like char siu pork, whole fish and stir-fried chicken.


Lotus Chinese Restaurant is a staple in the Burbank community, serving delicious Chinese and Taiwanese dishes. Guests will love the restaurant’s pancakes, tea, and smoothies, not to mention the friendly staff. The prices are also very reasonable, and the restaurant has earned a 4.1 rating on Google.

The restaurant offers authentic Chinese food and is open seven days a week. The menu is large and varied, and there’s a takeout option if you’re on a tight schedule.

Lan Sheng

If you are searching for a great Chinese restaurant near me, Lan Sheng is a great choice. The restaurant is located on 39th Street, east of Sixth Avenue. It is open daily until 11:00 p.m. and offers delivery within a three-mile radius. You can even order online, which is an excellent way to get a quick and easy meal.

While Lan Sheng doesn’t have a full-service bar, the menu does have plenty of options. It also has an extensive selection of specialty cocktails. You can even order a Lychee Martini if you’re a vegetarian. They also offer Sapporo and Tsingtao beers.

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