Mr. Intrigue Love Game

Mr Intrigue’s Love Game

If you’ve been looking for a manga involving a double-faced CEO and his love game, you’ve come to the right place. This story has been translated into English and is available online. The story revolves around the CEO of Empire Group and his wife’s husband. In the end, their love life is a disaster, and their scheming ways lead to their own downfall.

mr intrigue love game story

If you’re looking to read more about the characters, the Mr. Intrigue love game story can be a good choice. Known in several different names, this manga focuses on the characters’ lives. It has two main plotlines: the first one is about a drunk guy who runs into a drugged girl. The second one is about a guy who takes care of a drunk girl. In the original version, he runs into the girl, but the new version shows him taking care of her.

mr intrigue love game

If you like manga, you might have come across Mr. Intrigue’s Love Game manga series. It tells the story of a girl who married a devil incarnate, Lu Zeyuan. He became the fiance of the girl’s sister and she fell in love with him after just one night together. Soon after, she married him and became a wife. However, she disregarded the wishes of her parents and became a devil incarnate.

mr intrigue’s love game

If you’re looking for a fun manga, I recommend reading Mr. Intrigue’s Love Game. This story follows the life of a girl who married the devil incarnate. Lu Zeyuan, the devil incarnate, was the fiance of the girl’s sister, but they fell in love after one night of sexual intercourse. Soon after becoming husband and wife, the girl’s family disintegrated, blaming her ex-boyfriend for her failure. Thankfully, she’s found another man, who’s just as charming and engaging.

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