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Polk County Today – The Legacy of Willie Darden, Randy Binnion, and Malissie Wood Price

In this article, we discuss the legacy of several of Polk County’s most important leaders. We also take a look at the contributions of people like Frank Horton, Randy Binnion, and Malissie Wood Price. These are just a few of the individuals who helped make Polk County the great place it is today. And we also discuss what the future holds for these four people. To find out more about each of these individuals, read on!

Willie Darden

In a bizarre turn of events, Willie Darden was executed today in Polk County, Florida. The 14 years he spent on death row was the longest for an inmate in any U.S. state. His case attracted worldwide attention and his death warrants were unusually numerous. His conviction sparked a resurgence of interest in the case. Willie Darden today in Polk County stands accused of first degree murder, robbery, and assault with intent to commit murder.

On October 22, 1979, Willie Darden filed a petition for habeas corpus. He challenged his death sentence and conviction for first-degree murder. His attorneys raised three legal issues in his habeas corpus motion: ineffective assistance of counsel, jury selection process violation, and prosecutorial misconduct. Ultimately, the district court denied Darden’s habeas petition. He is appealing the ruling.

Malissie Wood Price

Willie Darden and Malissie Wood Price are among the last of their kind to live in Polk County. They were married on August 16, 1984, and had two children together. Later, the family adopted two more children, including their son, who is still alive. Both of them loved the Lord and enjoyed gospel music, gardening, fishing, and spending time with their family. Today, they live in a memorial park in the town of Rosepine.

Frank Horton

A spokesman for the Livingston Police Department says Frank Horton, 31, was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was arrested after officers responded to a 911 call about a man threatening people with a gun. They found the suspect in the parking lot of a local gas station, and took him into custody without incident. Horton is currently in jail awaiting trial. However, he had a history of committing crimes and a history of violent behavior.

Randy Binnion

Judge Travis Kitchens sentenced 19-year-old Randy Binnion today to 20 years in jail. During the sentencing hearing, he had the opportunity to call any number of witnesses, including the victim’s family and friends. He did not, however, do so. Rather, he called the only witness he had available, Probation Officer Mary Beth Barker. The State’s request to defer adjudication was granted.

The court transcript has yet to be certified by the court reporter. However, witnesses have stated that the accuser answered yes when asked if she was making it up as she went. That was changed later in the transcript, and it was not released until today. The accused has passed twenty polygraphs and is related to two black men who died in Polk Co jail. If this is true, then there are a number of red flag questions that need to be answered.

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