The College Football Top 25

The College Football Top 25: Notre Dame, Marshall, Florida State, Florida State, Texas A&M, Florida State, Florida State, Texas A&M, Florida State, Florida State

College ,There is a lot to like about Notre Dame’s season, but it’s not a complete victory. They fell to Northwestern 2-0 and tied South Bend Athletic Club 0-0 in their opener. Their best win was an 18-5 win over Indiana, and they also posted three close wins over inferior teams.

Michigan’s offense is its strength

Michigan’s offense is one of the best in the country, but a couple of key factors make it a tough team to predict. First, the defense is fourth in the nation, giving up 16.1 points per game. Michigan’s defensive line is anchored by Aidan Hutchinson, who recorded 14 sacks on the season. Another star on the defense is David Ojabo, who registered 11 sacks and forced five fumbles. Still, Michigan’s defense does not force many turnovers, which is one of its greatest weaknesses.

Marshall’s tight end duo is its strength

The Marshall tight end duo is the team’s biggest strength and will be a key part of its offense against Notre Dame. Both Payne and Laborn had combined for just 83 carries before last week’s game against the Irish. The Marshall offensive line is a mixed bag and will face a tough test against the Fighting Irish. In addition, there are a lot of new faces up front. There are only three starters from last season who were with the team.


Kendor Sartor started a dozen games while Logan Osburn switched positions after playing guard a few games last year. Newcomer Trent Holler is also a veteran presence at guard.

Texas A&M’s defense is its strength

Texas A&M’s defense has a few strong points. In recent years, it has been one of the best in the SEC, and it has improved dramatically on 3rd down defense. The Aggies aim to keep opponents off the field before they can pile up yards. In fact, they have finished first or second in this category in each of the last three years. In addition, they have a goal of holding their opponents to under 33% on third downs in 2022.

Florida State’s offense is its strength

Florida State’s offense is its strength, and its defense is a mixed bag. The Gators are 100th in scoring offense, passing offense, and tackles for loss, but the back half of the defense is weak in several key categories. FSU is also 100th in the nation in third-down conversions, yards per pass, and sacks allowed.

Wake Forest’s defense is its strength

The Wake Forest offense was one of the best in the ACC last year, but the team’s defense was not up to par. It allowed more than 500 yards of offense in six games and gave up 40 points in five of them. That was an issue that could have cost the Demon Deacons more games and possibly an ACC title. However, with the addition of new defensive coordinator Brad Lambert, the team should improve.

Michigan State’s quarterback situation is a question mark

The quarterback position remains a major question for Michigan State, and there are several possible candidates. The top candidate is College 6-foot-2, 155-pound junior Akeyll Madison. The two are very similar, and both can throw for 60 yards. Another possibility is five-foot-10, 175-pound junior Marquez Brentley, who started the opener last year at QB. Dalyn Washington, a running back and slot back, is a possibility, too.

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