Trending Topics on Social Media Twitter

Trending Topics on Social Media

Last Friday, #ClimateScam was trending on Twitter, directing users to climate change memes. It also fueled anti-LGBTQ conspiracy theories. A couple of days later, “Satanic Panic” started trending. It’s a conspiracy theory centered around Ashli Babbitt, a young woman killed during an attempted coup on January 6, 2021. The problem with these algorithmic trending lists is that they can amplify bad content.

Hashtag Michelle

On Monday, the hashtag #HillaryForPrison began trending on Twitter. This was not surprising, since it’s misspelled (there’s only one “i” in prison), and it appeared just after the popular phrase “Happy Halloween!” Some Twitter users, notably those who support Donald Trump, are promoting this hashtag because it gets around Twitter’s liberal censorship.


Twitter users are all abuzz about Avengers: Endgame. The movie has topped the charts with the most tweets of any film this year, with more than 50 million since its release. Half of these tweets were sent within the first week. As a result, fans have used the hashtag #AvengersEndgame to express their excitement for the film. Many actors have also responded to the tweets, sharing their favorite moments from filming.

Fans are also using the hashtag #AvengersEndgame to comment on the film. Some Twitter users have misspelled the hashtag, and that has caused some confusion. To avoid spoilers, fans should refrain from posting comments that will spoil the film.


After President Obama’s State of the Union address, activists in several states urged him to pass an executive order on campaign finance reform. Activists used the hashtag #BetterPolitics to call for action on this issue. They also delivered a petition with over 500,000 signatures to the White House. On Wednesday, the #BetterPolitics movement is holding events in more than 50 cities in 30 states.


The QAnon hashtag bubbled into the mainstream in the final weeks of the Trump administration. Since that time, Twitter has taken sweeping actions to curb the content of QAnon accounts. The social networking site has banned many QAnon followers for spreading misinformation and harassment.

The QAnon movement is an extreme right-wing conspiracy theory that has been spreading across the internet. Its members say that Trump is fighting a secret war against the Deep State – an organization comprised of Hollywood, business, and political elites. Some even say that he worships Satan. The idea is popular in the US presidential race, with many Republican candidates openly espousing support for the group.


The hashtag #SaveTheChildren is trending on Twitter and Instagram, where it is gaining a large following. However, its use is not without controversy, and it has received numerous negative responses, including a temporary ban on Facebook. This move caused a firestorm of criticism, but Facebook later restored the hashtag. In the meantime, users are continuing to use the hashtag, with #SaveOurChildren gaining more attention than ever.

Last spring, #SaveTheChildren enjoyed a brief renaissance due to a controversial conspiracy theory linking the hospital in Central Park to trafficked children. The hashtag was used during a child lives matter rally in New York City to draw attention to child trafficking. The rally was organized by Real Deal Media, which specializes in spreading conspiracy theories.

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