U19 Synergy Gold Travel Team

The u19 Synergy Gold travel team of Castro Valley is a great opportunity to play high school
softball for girls.
Coached by Mark Peterson, the team is dedicated to providing playing time,
confidence, and the best skills. Several former Synergy coaches are part of the 2021 coaching
staff. Whether you’re interested in coaching a travel team or playing high school ball, you’ll
want to consider joining this program.
Mark Peterson coaches Girls Softball in Castro Valley
In a recent AST tournament in Martinez, the Castro Valley Synergy 14U finished in the gold
bracket and won the Gold division. The team played in five games and went 3-0-2, allowing
only five runs. They also finished runner up in the silver bracket at AST Bee Sting. Mark
Peterson’s 14U team is a great example of the hard work and dedication it takes to become a
Mark Peterson began coaching his daughters’ Castro Valley Girls Softball League team in

  1. In addition, he helped coach the Stompers team during his 14U daughters’ season. With
    a heart for fostering girls’ softball in the Castro Valley, Peterson is committed to supporting
    local teams by providing playing time, confidence, and best skills to young players. His 2021
    team includes former Synergy coaches and is a great opportunity for aspiring CV students to
    play high school ball.

    u19 synergy gold travel team
    The U19 Synergy Gold travel team competes in midget and U19 softball competitions. The
    team plays well and has very few mistakes, which helps them keep their score low. With a
    couple of hits, they could win the tournament and travel south to a competition south of
    Edmonton. This team has a great reputation and is well-regarded in the area. If you would like
    to join them, check out their website for more information.

    The LASA 2022 U17/U19A Competitive Tryouts are scheduled for March 7 and April 8, 2019.
    You can attend the sessions once a week for $25. Tryouts will be held on Monday nights, so
    you can prepare for the tryouts by playing in the fall tune-up sessions. The U19 Synergy Gold
    travel team is a great way to play high school softball with other girls from the Castro Valley.
    u19 varsity
    If you are considering playing varsity softball, you may want to consider an U19 Synergy Gold
    travel team. This travel team is comprised of players from all over the Bay Area, including San
    Francisco and Oakland. This program offers players the opportunity to improve their skills and
    build confidence while playing with other talented individuals. Coaches use Team Snap and
    Gamechanger to communicate with players, including practice schedules, tournament
    locations, and statistics. Playing time on the team will reflect a player’s attitude and work
    ethic. To avoid disappointment, players should expect to play competitively, work hard, and
    have fun!

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